Doraemon Quiz 2017 Beginner Level



(At the beginning)

Please write all your answers on your answer sheet.

After finishing answering, please come to the marking corner with your answer sheet.

Please bring back test sheet and answer sheet.

If you have any questions, please ask the circle member near you.


1. Write T if each following sentence is right, F if wrong.

(1) Doraemon has ears.

(2) Noby has a younger brother.

(3) Doraemon’s nose is red.

(4) Big G’s dog is called Muku in Japanese.

(5) Sue often takes a bath.


2. Choose the best answer.

(1) When is Doraemon’s birthday?

A. June 15 B. August 7 C. September 3 D. December 2

(2) From which century has Doraemon come?

   A21st Century B22nd Century C23rd Century D24th Century

(3) How tall is Doraemon?

   A119.3cm  B124.3cm C129.3cm D134.3cm

(4) What is Sneech’s family name?

   ANobi BHonekawa CGouda DMinamoto

(5) What is the name of Noby’s grandson’s grandson?

   ASoby BNobisuke CNobitaro  DNobikichi


3. Write the appropriate secret gadget matching each explanation below.

(1)    You can go anywhere within 10 light years by using this door.

(2)    You can make objects small by using this ray.

(3)    You can fly with this gadget with a propeller.

(4)    You can memorize what is printed on this gadget by eating it.

(5)    You can shoot a bullet of air by putting on this gadget on your hand and saying “BAM”.


4. Write the appropriate answer to each following question.

(1)    What is Dorami’s favorite food?

(2)    What animal is Doraemon afraid of?

(3)    What is Doraemon’s favorite food?

(4)    What shaped robot is Doraemon?

(5)    Who is the author of Doraemon?



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