Doraemon Quiz 2018 (Beginner)




Please write all the answers on your answer sheet.

If you finish, please come to the scoring corner with the answer sheet.

You can take the paper home.

If you have any question, please ask the nearby member.


1 Please write T if it is positive, or write F if it's wrong.

(1)Doraemon's favorite food is Dorayaki.

(2)Dorami is afraid of mice.

(3)Doraemon is now blue, but he used to be red.

(4)Sneech is tall.

(5)Sue hates taking a bath.


2 Choose the best answer.

(1)What is Dorami's body color?

   ared               bblue            cgreen          dyellow

(2)Where is the time machine stored?

aIn the pocket                       bIn the drawer of the desk

cIn the closet                         cThe mountain behind the school

(3)What is the name of the baseball team whose ace is Big G?

a. Yomeiri Giants                      b. Tyrannolds

c. Gians                                    d. Edogawa Doras

(4)Who doesn’t wear glasses?

   aNoby bNoby’s mother  cNoby’s teacher dNoby’s father

(5)Which is the shape of Doraemon's pocket?

a                     b                   c                    d


3 Write the appropriate secret gadget matching each explanation below.

(1)It is attached to Doraemon’s stomach, and you can put as many gadgets as you can.

(2)If you open this door with a place you want to go in mind, you can quickly go to various places.

(3)When you eat this gadget, you will be able to understand foreign languages.

(4)You can shoot a bullet of air by putting on this gadget on your hand and saying “BAM”.

(5)If you wrap items or animals with this gadget, it will go forward or back in time.


4 Write the appropriate answer to each following question.

(1)Which part of his body did Doraemon have bitten by a rat?

(2)What instrument is Sue poor at playing?

(3)Who is the Noby's grandson’s grandson that sent Doraemon from the future?

(4)Where does Doraemon usually sleep in?

(5)Please write down one of Nobita's special skills.


Bonus Quiz

Please draw a picture of Doraemon!


This is the end of the quiz.

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